chicken vents

chicken vents

by Monika
(Jindera Australia)

I have 3 Isa Browns 12 weeks old which I bought 2 weeks ago. they do not seem to eat any of the grains which I feed them, four different mixed lots supposedly organic, will they be getting enough food from what they scratch out of the garden? They are free range. Also how do I check for lice & what is a chook vent as info I read tells me to check their vent.

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Oct 01, 2011
is my chicken egg bound
by: Monika

Hi again,

My 3 Isa Browns have been giving me beutiful large eggs, too large I think from one of them. She will lay 120gm egg one day & then produce an egg with only membrane for covering. this happens at least once a week. Last week she was listless, not sitting on her perch during the night. The next morning she did not get out of the laying box till noon (generally have eggs by 07.30am.). she again produced egg minus hard shell but still listless, crop was empty, had diareah. Did not detect any pests on her. Took her to vets who could not say what it is but put her on antbiotics for 3 days. Is eating again but no eggs till today & then only the egg with no shell what so ever. the day I took her to vets she gave me another egg that evening. I have no idea what I'm dealing with. Any ideas please as I don't want to lose her. they have access to grit at all times & roam free in the yard.



Jun 21, 2011
Chicken lice and vents
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Dear Monika

The way to check for lice on your chickens can be found in this link on chickens losing their feathers. Instructions are given here on not only how to look for lice, but also how to get rid of them.

The vent of the chicken is the outside opening of the cloaca and is a multi-purpose organ. This is through which a chicken is able to mate, lay her eggs and which she also poops from.

It is important to check your chickens over regularly, including the vent because if your chicken is egg-bound you will soon be able to see, and if the vent is dirty it means that your chicken has diarrhea and is often the first sign of illness.

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