chicks getting sick and dying

chicks getting sick and dying

by ali

My chicks have developed round swellings on and around the beak, they have swollen eyelids and swollen legs. They can barely walk and are rapidly dying.

Ali, there are many chicken diseases that could meet your description, including Avian flu, which as you know is extremely deadly and highly contagious.

I cannot make a diagnosis over the Internet, I suggest that you contact either your local Agricultural department or bring in a poultry vet to try and determine exactly what is wrong with your chickens.

We hope that you will return to this message and tell us what the verdict was once you have been able to determine what is wrong with your poultry.

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Nov 15, 2014
Bantams triple in size and dying
by: Anonymous

I have bantams and two of them have died they died about three weeks apart. They look fine one day and the next day they are very fat can't move and within a few hours they die can anyone help me with this?
This is very strange, and certainly nothing I have experienced with my years of raising chickens.

Because there were multiple hens involved to me it sounds as if there is some toxicity going on there related to what they have eaten, rather than something like being egg-bound. This could be related to their feed, or to some poisonous plant they may have eaten while outside the coop.

However, perhaps there are other readers out there who can shed some further light on this.

Really sorry I could not have been more helpful.

Aug 12, 2012
Treatment for chickens with swollen areas
by: Anonymous

Try an oil such as mineral oil and rub it all over their faces, beaks and legs. I was told it was fowl pox. I also gave them an antibiotic in their water.

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