An Easy Chocolate Eclair Recipe to Die For! The Secret to Great Chocolate Eclairs

This delicious chocolate eclair recipe is simple if you follow the instructions carefully. It is feather-light and to die for!

Chocolate eclairs are not difficult to make, but the secret is to get the choux pastry thick and glossy by adding the flour quickly to your mixture and then beating until your mixture is stiff and glossy every time you add an extra egg.

Follow our easy recipe for chocolate eclairs below.

How to Make Great Chocolate Eclairs!

Into a heavy-bottomed saucepan put half a pint of milk, two well-rounded tablespoonfuls of butter, and one tablespoonful of sugar, and place on the stove.

When this boils up, add half a pint of sifted flour, and cook for two minutes, beating well with a wooden spoon. It will be smooth and velvety at the end of that time.

Set away to cool; and when cool, beat in four eggs, one at a time. Beat vigorously for about fifteen minutes.

Try a small bit of the paste in the oven; and if it rises in the form of a hollow ball, the paste is beaten enough; whereas, if it does not, beat a little longer.

Have tin sheets or shallow pans slightly buttered. Have ready, also, a tapering tin tube, with the smaller opening about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Place this in the small end of a conical cotton pastry bag.

Put the mixture in the bag, and press out on buttered pans, having each eclair nearly three inches long. There should be eighteen, and they must be at least two inches apart, as they swell in cooking.

Bake in a moderately hot oven for about twenty-five minutes. Take from the oven, and while they are still warm coat them with chocolate. When cold, cut open on the side, and fill with either of the following described preparations:—

chocolate eclair recipe


Mix in a bowl half a pint of rich cream, one teaspoonful of vanilla, and four tablespoonfuls of sugar. Place the bowl in a pan of ice-water, and beat the cream until light and firm, using either an egg-beater or a whisk.


Put half a pint of milk into a double-boiler, and place on the fire. Beat together until very light one level tablespoonful of flour, half a cupful of sugar, and one egg. When the milk boils, stir in this mixture. Add one-eighth of a teaspoonful of salt, and cook for fifteen minutes, stirring often. When cold, flavor with one teaspoonful of vanilla.


Put in a small granite-ware pan half a pint of sugar and five tablespoonfuls of cold water. Stir until the sugar is partially melted, and then place on the stove, stirring for half a minute. 

Take out the spoon, and watch the sugar closely. As soon as it boils, take instantly from the heat and pour onto a meat-platter. 

Let this stand for eight minutes. Meantime, shave into a cup one ounce of dark chocolate , and put it on the stove in a pan of boiling water. 

At the end of eight minutes stir the sugar with a wooden spoon until it begins to grow white and to thicken. Add the melted chocolate quickly, and continue stirring until the mixture is thick. 

Put it in a small saucepan, and place on the stove in another pan of hot water. Stir until so soft that it will pour freely. 

Stick a skewer into the side of an eclair, and dip the top in the hot chocolate. Place on a plate, and continue until all the chocolate eclairs are "glaced." 

They will dry quickly. Do not stir the sugar after the first half minute, and do not scrape the sugar from the saucepan into the platter. All the directions must be strictly followed.

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