Compulsion a turn-off

Compulsion a turn-off

by Beardy P
(Berkshire, UK)

As soon as you try to access the forum it wants you to register or log-on, this suggests there is a mailing catch so no-one does. Nobody in the country will buy a pig in a poke now will they?
I expected some how-to's not an empty web site without any information on country crafts. Where are all the headings for thatching, hedging etc that you mention in the text? - or do you just want to sell us Amazon books?

Sorry but I do not rate this web-site.

Kind regards,
Beardy P


Dear P Beardy

It would be nice to know your name, so that I could address you personally.

I am very sorry that you are disappointed with the content on the website. We have worked hard to provide as much information over the last 3 years as possible, and other than contributions like yours, we have personally written over 500 pages of information.

It takes time providing quality information. How long did it take you to churn out an essay at school? Now triple that time and do that 500 times over.You get the picture?

Thatching, layering of hedges etc. will be covered in time. We just cannot do everything at once. Believe me, we would like that too!

The aim of this website is to provide information first, and make money second. We do that through Adsense and Amazon, as you rightly point out. All businesses need to make some money to remain in business.

Our main regret for this website is that people don't use the forums. Every forum asks you to register so that at any time you lose your password this will be sent to you. There is no other reason for this and we do not sell, or distribute your email once it is in the system. It is just there to help you, if you need it.

I do hope that clarifies your issues.

Countryfarm Lifestyles

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Mar 10, 2012
Compulsion turn off
by: John

It just goes to show you can't please all the people all the time. I too would like to see certain things on this site as well as others and in magazines I subscribe to. But I can write to the magazine or yourself and suggest articles for future issues. Otherwise I will just have to be happy with the current articles being printed.
I think it is a good website and keep up the good work.

I could do without all that word signing on the bottom of the page as it is a pain in the ass to be frank.

Many thanks for your comments, John. It is nice to see that we have some happy readers! :)

Kathryn & Philip

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