Confused Mating Indian Runner Ducks

Confused Mating Indian Runner Ducks

I believe I ordered two female Indian Runner ducks. However Bonnie looks like a girl and Clyde looks like a boy. Clyde is supposed to be black and Bonnie is supposed to be white however they have not achieved their true colors yet as they are only 5 months old.

My question is in regards to mating... Clyde and Bonnie get into the water and Bonnie gets on top of Clyde biting his neck and trying to mate with him however Bonnie is a female and Clyde compromises and merges his head and acts like the female.

If Bonnie is truly a female why is she getting on top of Clyde and trying to make him mate with her? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Maybe she's just trying to show him how to do it?

I got my chicken at the same time about 5 months ago and she just started laying eggs. I'm in Southern California in the mountains so they have a lot of warm weather and that may change their egg-laying pattern. I think it's so cool that my chicken is laying eggs.

I'm just trying to figure out what Bonnie is doing on top of Clyde? Are they able to mate that way? When do you think she'll start laying eggs?

I appreciate your comment area and I look forward to your reply. Thank you! God bless.
In your message, you say that you bought 2 female ducks, but by the names and colorings you mention, I take it that they are not the same sex.

You can actually get white drakes in Indian Runners, so your Bonnie may well be a Clyde after all! In addition, you can get black drakes, and several other colors.

So, unless you got your ducks from a reputable breeder that knows what they are doing, you could well have ended up with 2 drakes or 2 ducks, as again they can be the same colors as you mentioned.

In being able to properly sex your Indian Runners listen to them. The female will quack loudly, the male makes a much quieter sound, almost like a whisper.

At 5 months, your Indian Runners have their full plumage, so look at the tail feathers. If one of them has a curly tail feather than that one is the male.

If you have a female within the pair, your duck should start laying from about February/March through to August.

If in doubt, I would go back to your supplier, and explain your concerns.

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