Cure for a Nettle Sting

Cure for a Nettle Sting

by 18th Century Woman
(Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation)

If you crush the leaves of Jewel Weed, which grows near streams that are near where nettles grow,and get the juice - the juice will stop the burning/stinging of stinging nettles.

You can also apply crushed Jewel Weed leaves as a poultice and tie a light gauze or cloth over it.

Flowers of Jewel Weed look like tiny spotted orange or yellow columbines or orchids. Leaves look a lot like pig weed/goose foot (2 names for the same common weed), but do not have the white/silvery color and mealy-like spots/bumps on the underside.

Many thanks for your contribution. I have added a picture for those who wondered what Jewel Weed looks like. It is also known as Touch me Not because if you touch the seed pods just slightly they shoot the seeds in every direction.

Jewel Weed is a good plant to have in your garden if you want to encourage humming birds to the garden as they love this plant!

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