dirty bottoms

by susan
(south wales )

My chickens are not laying. I have no idea what's wrong with them, and some of them have dirty bottoms.

I feed them layers and greens and they free range all day. Can anyone help as my three pullets have also stopped laying and none of them are molting.


Susan, 2 things that will give you an indication that your chickens are not well are dirty bottoms and no eggs.

Dirty bottoms on your chickens mean that there is a digestive problem going on and that your chickens have diarrhea. You will need to address this first, the egg laying will follow once they are better.

Feed your chickens yogurt every day with some chopped garlic, and put a small amount of organic apple cider vinegar with the culture into the drinking water on a daily basis.

You can also help your chickens with their diarrhea by adding a half tablespoon of Epsom salts to their feed.

To get the chickens back up to laying, encourage them by cutting down lots of nettle and giving them free access to this very important egg-laying plant. This is the very best weed for encouraging egg-laying and works a treat, even during winter.

Keep their cage clean, and don't feed your chickens citrus or potato peelings as these can all cause diarrhea in chickens.

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May 29, 2012
Dotty died this morning
by: Anonymous

With the success of the hatching comes sadness dotty has died she was ok yesterday but at 6.30 this morning she just would not wake up. She died cuddling her babies.

We have been having very hot days and it could have been that she was dehydrated. It's something I will never know, so I suppose I'm mother hen now.

The babies are now in a brooder in my living room I hope I will do a good job like Edna last year.

I'm sure you will do a great job, Susan. Let's make this a happy posting and let's see some pictures of your big brood of 10 chicks after so much sadness.

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May 21, 2012
New chicks on the way
by: Anonymous

It's less than a week now before our chicks will hatch. I don't know if all ten will hatch but Dotty has been sitting and only getting off to have a feed and something to drink. I hope she will be a good mother like Edna was when she hatched Dotty last year.


It sounds as if Dotty will make an excellent mum! Fingers crossed all 10 eggs will hatch, although we have never had a 100% hatching rate ourselves. Let us know how Dotty gets on next week. I guess this will be a long week for you!

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May 06, 2012
Chicks on the way
by: Susan

Sadly Edna has died we tried everything but it was her time I suppose on a lighter note one of the hatch from last year is sitting on ten eggs.

Dear Susan

Very sorry to hear about the demise of Edna. There really wasn't more than what we could add in previous postings. It is also difficult to diagnose chicken illnesses and diseases without actually seeing images of the chicken and trouble.

Glad, however, that there is a positive end to this story and we wish you well with the hatching of your new chicks.

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May 02, 2012
Chicken Problems
by: susan

Three of my chickens have started to lay but some of them still have dirty bums.

Also my hen, Edna has stopped eating and refuses to come out of the nest box. She has only had 2 sips of water in 2 days can u help?

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