Drinking the judges whiskey

Drinking the judges whiskey

I was a police officer back in the sixties, through 1995 and during my time in the Vice Squad. we would catch a whiskey car once in a while or raid a stash house.

Now we always kept a few empty jars around the office, so during these raids or stops we would take a few jars of corn and replace them with jars full of water, one jar would be sent to the lab. to be checked and the rest placed in the evidence room.

Now we like a drink now and than the same as anyone else and so did the old judge, he and his friend a bondsman would go to the evidence during lunch break for a few snorts. Sometimes he would come back to the court room just cussing, he would have picked up a jar of water and turned it up for a slug and found nothing but water.

You know he would accuse us of taking his whiskey and leaving water, now you know we wouldn't do that to him. Ha! Ha!

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