Duck lost eye

Duck lost eye

Our 4 year old Pekin 4h duck has lost its eye some how. Will it live and how can I help it?

Sorry to hear that your Pekin duck has lost an eye. It will live as long as the eye is kept absolutely clean with no possibility of infection, or worse still a breeding place for maggots.

Of course, if you allow the duck to run with the others outside this will be impossible to do. You will need to contain the duck in a cage in a warm, dry area, preferably indoors where there are no flies about.

You will need to take your duck off to a vet as the eye may need to be stitched up. I am not sure how bad the injury is.

For an immediate remedy I would bathe the eye in a very weak saline solution. However, if you can get to a drug store buy an eye-wash solution which would be better, and flush the eye out with this twice a day.

Hopefully there won't be any unpleasant discharge from the eye although some discharge is normal. It should be clear or white. If it becomes pussy and yellow or green in color and smells bad then you will definitely need to take your Pekin duck off to the vets.

If all goes well with the eye-wash solution your duck should be good within a few days when the eye starts to crust over and heals on its own.

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