Easy Homemade Milk Replacer for Lambs

Easy Homemade Milk Replacer for Lambs

I have success with this very easy replacer. Have raised a dozen or more using this recipe.

1 & 1/3 cups of full cream milk powder
Mix up to 1 litre with cold water
Add 1/2 cup thicked cream &
1 egg
Use this mix for 1st 2 weeks.

At 3 weeks only add 1/4 cup of cream to milk mix and 1 egg
Use this for 3rd & 4th weeks. Slowly wean lambs to 500 - 600mls 3 times a day.
I'm currently feeding two 5 week olds who are now on 7am 500ml 12pm 500ml then 500 at 5pm and their last feed of 500 at 9pm. Come next Monday I will have them on 3 feeds of 600ml. They are eating mashed corn meal, grass & hay along with my roses if I don't keep an eye on them. From 8 weeks drop to 2 feeds, I like to make them around 10am then 6pm.

Have raised very healthy sheep using this routine with no scouring or any other problems. Merryn @ The Funny Farm, Gordon, Tasmania

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Sep 05, 2017
Note on Homemade Milk Replacer Recipe for Lambs
by: Kathryn

Thank you, Merryn. Please note to all, this does not mean you can dispense with colostrum. This is very important and you need to get this into the lamb as soon as possible. Milk the mother, that is the best option first, if you can. Give the lamb this in a syringe, as often as you can. Or, use a commercial form of colostrum. After that, you can use the replacer.

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