Elise Notbusch

Elise Notbusch

by Elise Notbusch
(Maysville, Mo)

Thank you for your writing. I have a disability and haven't slowed down in my heart yet but you are an inspiration to me to keep me going.

I wonder if there are others out there and maybe we could be an inspiration to them too.

I have horses, goats, rabbits and plan on getting a calf, chickens and so on and making soap and selling it along with cheese, eggs and what ever else I have to sell from the back of my wagon with my draft cross Fancy!

Thank you and I will be back to read more, Elise Notbusch

Thank you, Elize!

If there are any other people with disabilities who would like to contact Elize and give support to one another, please feel free to write in.

Elize, we wish you all the very best with your self-sufficiency ventures and please keep us up to date with developments!

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