Build your Own Wooden Farm Gates with our Free Plans

Build your own wooden farm gates with our free woodwork plans with given dimensions and materials needed, which makes this a perfect weekend do-it-yourself project.  So come and build your own farm gates with our  free farm gate plans.

Materials needed for Farm Gate

Yellow Pine

7 pcs. 7/8"x4"xl2' S 2 S 5 dozen 8d common nails.

2 pcs. 7/8"x4 1/2"xl2' S 2 S 6 pcs. 7/8"x4"x 5' S 2 S

28-1/4"x2 3/4" carriage bolts, with washers and nuts.


In visiting farms and homesteads throughout the country it is not uncommon to find the large farm gates in bad repair. Many a homesteader has been dragging or carrying a gate open and shut for several years when a few minutes' work would so repair the farm gate as to cause it to swing freely on its hinges.

The purpose of this article is to show how large farm gates can be constructed so as to have the greatest strength and the longest endurance. The size of the farm gates is determined by the opening for which it is intended, but the principle of the construction, such as the bracing and bolting, should not be neglected.

Farm Gate Plans

Farm Gate

Suggestions For Original Design of Farm Gates

Introductory Statement 197

Extra Wide Farm Gates

Introductory Statement 198

Wired To Prevent Sagging

Farm Gates -  Specifications

In making farm gates it is not customary to use absolutely first-class and clear material. Sound materials, although they may have some knots, is very satisfactory. It is not good economy to use strictly clear selected stock for a gate.

The Slats for Farm Gates

On the drawing, notice that the bottom and top slats are 4 1/2" wide, while all the others are only 4" wide. These slats are a little wider than the others in order to give greater strength to the strip which must withstand the most strain.

Plane the edges of all the slats perfectly straight and square; cut the slats the proper length.

The Uprights for Farm Gates

Cut the six upright pieces exactly the same length; plane their edges; shape their tops.

Assembling the Farm Gates

If you do not have a long pair of saw horses on which to build your farm gate, you may lay the material flat on the floor. On the upright pieces, lay out the spacing of the strips. Although this work is to be assembled with bolts, you will find it convenient to assemble it by driving one nail through the upright into each slat. 

The nails must not be driven near the centers where the bolts are to be, or they will interfere with the boring. When all of the slats and the uprights have been properly assembled, make sure the gate is perfectly square; test in several places with the long steel square; measure the length and cut the braces. These braces should be made to fit very accurately.

Note: They are to be bolted through each slat. Sometimes braces are housed; that is, notches or footings, as they are sometimes called, are cut in the uprights to receive the ends of the braces.

If you want to make your farm gates for some particular opening at home, measure the opening, and change the dimensions of this drawing to suit your needs.

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