Traditional Country Skills and Crafts for a Simple Way of Living

Traditional skills and country crafts are unfortunately getting lost in this frantic pace of living that we lead. Making soap and candles used to be something people did as part of their daily lives. It was a skill that continued long in the country where electricity was slow to arrive, and sheeps' tails were too good to waste and not use for making soap, and the wax from the bees used to make candles.

Think how many people still know how to perform the old skills? Thatching, layering of hedges, lace making, wagon building, I am sure you could rattle off a couple of your own!

We want to bring back those country skills, and many others, and teach you how to make these crafts that are slowly regaining popularity with a few.

a blacksmith practising traditional skills

Traditional Skills in your Kitchen

These are skills that we seldom make the time for in our busy life filled with technology that was supposed to free up some spare time! Funny how our great-grandparents had the time to do all these things with very little technology!

However, because I now live a more simple life on my farm, and during fall, and the colder months, we find time to do these things that we didn't when we were employed full time by others. I love my spinning, my wool dyeing and weaving. 

I now have time to make soap,  cosmetics,  liqueurs, wine, jams and preserves among others. It is something that I enjoy, because each season has traditional crafts that I can pursue. I feel reconnected to nature, and connected to my ancestors who went before me.

So enjoy the journey of traveling back in time with some of these pursuits, and feel the pride and accomplishment of making something yourself, from scratch.

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