Finally I have found a Site that isn't overly Commercialized!

Finally I have found a Site that isn't overly Commercialized!

by Leslie Farrell
(Elmer, (SOUTH), N.J.)

FINALLY, I have found a site that isn't overly commercialized and that also has the methods what I can remember anyway) that my Great Grandmom LaRock used.

I have been asking and asking various family members and others how to can things, and they always say they'll show me sometime. Well I took the bull by the horns, and looked it up on line. I'm so happy I found you!

My family came from deep in the mountains of Tenessee and there had always been the canning of foods in the summer months. This art was lost with my Grandmom and Mother, but my Great Grandmom always did it, and I was too young to really learn.

With your help, I hope to bring it back to life within my family(for good)! Without it there is so much waste of vegetables and fruits when they're plentiful. Then in the winters, everyone is wishing that they had it. Also the money savings alone, with our present economy it is a huge help, if not a necessity.

Thank you once again for being here.

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