First Time Poddy Lamb Carer

First Time Poddy Lamb Carer

by Caitlin Willcox
(NSW, Australia)

Hi I am 14 years of age living in NSW. My father wanted to get two weaned lambs to live in our small paddock in our backyard to have as pets and keep the grass down (photo of backyard included, + to roam around the perimeter of then house).

He only was wanting to have them temporarily but I have desperately wanted a poddy lamb for quite sometime, he said if we were to we would get some from our friends down the road.

I have been researching and reading about poddy lamb and about how to feed them (mixtures, how much, how often, and just how), shelter them, a bit on illnesses as well as a few things here and there about keeping them warm and anything else I could find.

I was really hoping I could get some direct information that worked and good mixtures, just all those things on how to look after them as I do not want them to die.

I would get them during the holidays and care for them, then I would be able to take them back to my boarding school and see them in the morning, twice during the day, in the afternoon and once before nightfall I know this seems silly but by the time I was back at school they wouldn't need night time feeds.

Please leave any information you have that would be extremely helpful!!
Thank you,

Kind regards,

Caitlin Willcox.

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Jan 13, 2015
Poddy Lamb Care
by: Kathryn

Caitlin, thank you for writing in. I was a little confused as in your message your heading was saying that you were a first time poddy lamb carer but twice you mentioned poddy calves. So I wasn't sure if you were asking about cows or sheep. I have changed calves to lambs in this message. If I wrong in doing so, let me know, and I will send you further information.

Poddy lambs are not easy to raise. There is always a chance of death as often these lambs were not given the colostrum as soon as they were born, and many develop scours (diarrhea) from the alternatives to mother's milk.

The best alternative is to buy a powdered formula that has been made specifically for orphan lambs. If you don't have access to that, or you find it too expensive, and you have access to cheap goat's milk, you can use that, but never use cow's milk as it is too rich.

You will see from the article on "Orphan Lambs" that I wrote some time ago what to feed your lamb, and how often, in quite some detail, so all the answers you are wanting are there.

Wishing you all the best with your lambs.


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