Fond Memories of Moonshing with my Father

Fond Memories of Moonshing with my Father

by Flubber
(North East GA USA)

I guess now its been ten years now. The last seven I haven't spoken with my father even though he is still alive.

But that's another story.

Long story short, every Christmas we would always buy a couple of cases of peach or corn shine out of Cherokee. We would always celebrate with a couple of pints, then put back one or two for keeps through out the year.

Well, my dad decided this one year we wasn't going to buy any, we was going to make some, our very own.

We live a little north of Athens yet a little south of the true foothills. Dad has a natural spring pumping cold clear drinking water right in the middle of his property which is down in a hollow.

I remember a 55 gallon drum of peach mash sitting out on his back porch for weeks it seemed. Well prior to all of this, long before all the Moonshine programs on TV now.

In order to get this right and not to kill anyone, especially ourselves, I went online and purchased several books. Really got excited.

Went to the local welding shop. Georgia good ole boys, they don't ask, they don't know, they don't wanna know. Well they built us a fine still. They didn't mess around. I knew they had done this a time or two.

Waited on a perfect night, man it was cold, cold fall night. Well let's just say, then entire valley smelled of peach You could hear that propane burner for miles it seemed. Dogs barking. Really didn't matter, all the neighbors were family. Moon was perfect. To be our first time, we did well. Did have to temper it down. Way to too.

What I liked best was drinking it hot as it slowly squirted out into the mason jar. For 55 gallons of rotten peaches as I called them, it didn't yield a lot. Now I know why everyone talks about it being so much work.

I did enjoy that night I made moonshine with my father. I drank it with him straight out of the still. Doesn't get any better than that. Was able to pass out enough pints for Christmas like always. Wish I could do it one more time with him. Maybe time will heal stubborn hearts. Go Moonshine....

Lovely story, Flubber, and I do hope that you and your dad will be able to do something together soon, once again.

I speak from experience; reach out before it is too late. There are no telephones in heaven.

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Oct 04, 2014
Your Dad
by: Dave

Hi, I'm in the UK, and came across this post just mooching, but it made me so sad reading that you and your Dad haven't spoken for 7 yrs.

I'm not sure how old this post is, but I really urge you to make it up with him before it's too late.

You have fond memories of him, so, whatever the reasons for falling out, please put them to one side and talk.

I wish my Dad was still here, we didn't fall out, but didn't talk much, and I miss that terribly.

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