Gardening in Africa

Gardening in Africa

by suzy

Please can you tell me why many European seeds will not grow out here in West Africa?

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Jan 24, 2011
Gardening in Africa
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Dear Suzy

Many European seeds won't grow in Africa because of the different climates between the two countries. Europe is mainly cold in winter with snow and rain, and then in the summer it is hot and dry.

In Africa it is hot in summer, with summer rains and in the winter it is fairly mild.Very seldom does it snow in Africa or have temperatures that are low enough whereby European seeds are fooled enough to think that they are in Europe rather than in Africa! Many seeds need to cold conditions to germinate.

There are some exceptions. Hogsback, in the Amatola Mountains of the Cape Province in South Africa has a micro-climate that is very similar to Europe where they can grow many European plants and berries is one such place.

However, if you are from Gambia you have a sub-tropical climate with a rainy season from June through to October. There you will be able to grow papayas, bananas, mangoes and coconuts - all of which cannot be grown in Europe.

Plant what grows best for your region and you will have good, healthy plants that are not susceptible to gardent pests and insects.

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