GMO or Not GMO

GMO or Not GMO

by Bet

How do you know when you start sharing these seeds the those among the sharers aren't GMO seeders that just want to take over or pollute the seed chain that exist here?

I don't think I am being ignorant we I ask this question. That cartoon Pinky and the Brain stated that their goal was to 'take over the world'. That was a cartoon, but when you are a global corporation and your history is lying to gain anything financially - their is nothing funny about that.

It then is a deadly situation - and you then understand that this company motto is 'by any means necessary'.

So how do you check or verify that seeds are either GMO, heirlooms or organic.


Bet, all I can say is do your homework when you buy your seeds. The Internet is full of information and researching a company is not hard to do.

There are, of course, many seed companies today that specialize in selling only open-pollinated seeds, organic seeds as well as heirloom seeds. Australia has several, as does the USA and the UK.

For the USA here is a list of Monsanto owned seed companies - you will be shocked when you read the list, not only because there are so many of them which shows their mandate, but also because many of these companies profess to be organic seed companies!


Here too is a list of USA seed companies who have signed the Safe Seed Pledge for 2012 to ensure that the vegetable seeds you buy from them are not GMO seeds in any way:

Council for Responsible Genetics


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