good corn liquor moonshine recipe

good corn liquor moonshine recipe

by Devon Morris

This moonshine recipe is for a 35 gallon batch

Buy a bag of corn, cracked corn is better,
grind it using a blender. It doesn't have to be like flour just break it up real good.

Put it in your 35 gal fermenter "trash can". Corn should be four to five inches deep. Start adding boiling water sterilize that thing now ad 25 lbs of sugar keep adding boiling water.

Cook the corn and sterilize that stuff , now with container about a quarter way full start stiring dissolve all the sugar then keep filling with hot water from tap keep it hot!

Keep stirring. When it's about six inches from the top of fermenter put on your sterilized lid and leave.

Come back to it in the morning and make sure it's cooled to about 60 to 80 degrees and add three packets of yeast. You can use one but three is better if you add yeast on Sunday morning and keep it warm at least 60 degrees it should be ready on Friday or Saturday or when the cap settles to the bottom and the mash taste bitter and no longer tastes sweet.

This should make about a gallon depending on how you control your heat during distillation and the type of water used. I have used city water. If you can try to find the purest water you can it has to be low in iron lime water it the best

Now when distilling keep a lighter and a spoon handy fill the spoon with a little alcohol and light it on fire keep flame away from still if it won't burn it aint no good as alcohol comes out filter it through a funnel to remove impurities stuff a cotton swab in the bottom of the funnel. Put more cotton on top of that then three coffee filters and on top a big hand full of maple or oak chars with a fifty gallon still.

The stream of the liquor should never be bigger than a matchstick so be ready to sit there for about 8 hours.

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Dec 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

How much malt do you think is enough?

Nov 07, 2015
Low low yield my man
by: Anonymous

Your yield is awful... No offense but you should get at least 4 to 5 gallons of finished product from 35 gallons of mash. And that's at 100 proof

Oct 12, 2015
Why Bother?
by: Mr. Douglas

35 gallons of mash and only 1 gallon return? This guy must have been drunk before he started....

Aug 29, 2015
Re-use Moonhine that is Bad
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if the shine don't light can I pour it back in with fresh mash being brewed.In other words my friend made some. The 1 st gallon came out and burned on a spoon. When he opened the still and poured more mash in and made about 3 jars those 3 did didn't burn on a spoon.

I said it's not good and we were not sure if he should pour it back in with fresh mash and try again. Thanks

Mar 08, 2015
Mash supply
by: AnonymoMash suppus

It's very easy to find the corn.You're not country, just playing. The Feed store. Cow Horse,Chicken feed cracked or whole corn.BYE!

Oct 29, 2014
I need a simple mash
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a simple cracked corn mash. I have a 26 gallon can can anyone help me?

Oct 10, 2014
old feller is right
by: Anonymous

Good article but you need to convert the corn starch into a sugar. Amalase is the key.

Feb 03, 2014
Gotta Have Malt in your Moonshine
by: Old Country Feller

This is very well written and amusing to read, but I couldn't give but three stars because you don't have anything in your mash to break the protein and starch in your corn down to sugar.

You can either sprout your corn also called malting, or you can simply add malt or ground malted grain, or you can use amalase enzyme which can be found in powder form in brew shops.

Simply heating the cracked corn in water doesn't do the trick.

May 15, 2012
filter for making moonshine
by: lindsaydog

I use a BRITA filter to filter and get smooth whiskey.

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