Grandpa's Way of Caponizing

Grandpa's Way of Caponizing

by Ron
(Rock Springs Wyo)

When I was very young I watched grandpa do this but he used a crochet needle. However, I don't think he removed anything. I think he just cut some tubes.

Like I say, I was young, so I might be wrong.

Thank you for your contribution on caponizing, Ron. Well, I guess your grandpa had a method that worked for him. I assume that he used the crochet hook to get in and break the tubes.

Very glad that I wasn't one of your granpappy's chickens! LOL!

Anyway, let's hear from other readers and alternative ways of caponizing chickens.

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Mar 06, 2013
Caponizing - You probably missed some part of it
by: Jack

I think he'd have to remove the gonads.

From what I've read (having not done it myself...yet), if part of the gonads are left in (either only partially cut off or dropped and "lost" in the bird) the bird will still develop male characteristic (crowing, aggressiveness).

It's called a "slip".

So, cutting the tubes would make the rooster sterile, but still male. Basically caponizing is like a vasectomy.

Nov 24, 2012
Grandpa's Way
by: Ron

LOL!I'm sure he used scissors to cut the tubes. The crochet needle was just there to pull the tubes out.

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