GROWING BLUEBERRIES - your information above is very helpful.

GROWING BLUEBERRIES - your information above is very helpful.

by Pearl
(Wallsend, NSW)

I'm in the Newcastle area in Australia. My only tree is very small so now I have to get another one but I think the nursery said it doesn't need another tree.

I was told by a Polish friend that blueberries needed 100% acid soil or they would not be successful. In Poland they used to go out into the forests and bring in the pine-needles to use around the bushes.

A few days later I was watching on free-to-air satellite part of a program on Russia which showed my first glimpse of the large fruit (much like the one above)and it also showed the Siberian pine forest in which they were growing.

I have a pine tree of sorts and will see how the dead leaves do around my plant. Also it was recommended to use Osmocote Plus on Azaleas and Rhododendron needed more e.g. 6 tablespoons of the pellets twice a year. I can see a difference in the leaves and at one stage I counted 18 little berries which I'm not sure are still there.

I am determined to make something of this tree and will be glad to receive your newsletter. I have found your site very interesting and have ordered a humane rat trap and fruit fly trap because of links on your site. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks for your words of encouragement, Pearl. It is always good to hear that our readers have enjoyed the articles.

Pine needles are also great for strawberries and also for growing orchards.

I do hope your blueberries survive being eaten by the birds! I lost ALL my mulberries this year to the birds. They literally came over in a few days and picked the berries clean, before they were even ripe!

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