Growing Cotton in Florida

Growing Cotton in Florida

by Carissa E. Adams
(St. Cloud, Florida )

I am growing some cotton in Florida my back-yard. I planted then in styrofoam cups with miracle-grow potting soil.

They seem to be growing fine and i recently had one begin to blossom. Since Florida is more of a tropical climate, i think the cotton can grow anywhere there is enough sun and rain. Humidity and heat seem to make it flourish.

Don't be worried to give cotton "too much sun" the little guys love it. Don't treat them like a cute little rose bush. they are low maintenance and only need a daily watering.

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Apr 15, 2013
Illegal to grow Cotton in Florida
by: Anonymous

Just got off the phone with the department of agriculture and it is completely illegal to grow any kind of cotton in Florida... you can apply for a personal permit, but "we do not tend to issue them for spinning purposes" is what the guy told me. Also, you will have to pay for someone to check your boll weevil trap every 3 weeks... for a total of just over $350... It is ridiculous :(


Glad you checked with the authorities directly. Welcome to the world of beauracracy. Believe me it is alive and well everywhere.

Here in Italy I cannot use a good portion of my land at the moment because the land was abondoned for more than 8 years before we got hold of it, and now we have to wait for the authorities to give me the go ahead which could take months. In the meantime we lose out on potential revenue....

Countryfarm Lifestyles

Dec 04, 2012
Question about growing cotton
by: Jeni

I'm trying to find out if it is legal to grow cotton in Florida. I read an article about it being illegal because of the boll weevil. Can you advise me on this? I'm considering growing cotton for the purpose of spinning it for yarn. Thank you for your help!


The only cotton that is illegal to grow in Florida, according to my knowledge, is wild cotton.

Florida produces a lot of cotton, in several counties, and some of the main cotton producing counties in Florida are Jackson and Santa Rosa.

If you are living in Florida, you should be fine, as long as you are growing the commercial variety. Just to make sure I would check with your local Ag. office.

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Apr 02, 2012
Cotton in Florida
by: Rural Florida Living

Years ago I worked for the USDA in South Florida. We had a display case which showed cotton being grown on inland farms in the area. We even had samples in the case. It was amazing to me to think that cotton was grown so far south.

Thanks for all the good info.

Sanne Collins

Aug 05, 2011
Cotton growing in St. Cloud
by: Anonymous

Is the cotton still growing good? How much are you growing altogether?

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