growing large beetroot

growing large beetroot

by Paul harney
(Worksop notts)

I have been growing beetroots for the last few years and have used them mainly for pickling.

This year I decided to let my beetroot grow on for a while. I now have several large beets still in the ground one of which is over 12 inches in diameter. It has not gone to seed and is looking very healthy. All the old timers on our allotments have had a look at and they are saying I won't be able to do nought with it.

I would like some advice on what to do with it. It's a pity to pull it up as it's still growing well.

Is this unusual?

P.S. beets are good roasted in the oven with other veg.


Well growing large beetroot as large as you describe is not that wise, in my experience. More often than not the oldtimers know best! :)

I think, you will find that once you pull your beet out it will not only be woody and tough but also bitter.

It is far better to start harvesting beetroot when they are very small as baby beets at about an inch in diameter - which are really delicious, to full-sized beets which are roughly 3 inches in diameter.

The only thing it would be good for now is to allow it to go to seed. However, if you don't take this advice, I guess the only way you will know is by pulling it out and seeing for yourself.

Let us know the update.

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Jan 25, 2013
what to do with large beets
by: Anonymous

Let the large beets grow and incorporate them back into the soil for organic matter.

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