Gypsy you are Inspirational!

Gypsy you are Inspirational!

by Sharon Brotherton
(Gace, France)

Hi Gypsy, i must say after reading your story of wonderful endeavors you have truly inspired me, to get on with it!!!!

I live in France, and have done so since 2005, it is very hard, because of the language barrier and being here on my own for 12 hours a day while my husband earns us a living, building, albeit a very small living , as the salaries here are small.

I feel as if I should be getting on with something. I've always felt there is something better I should be doing, although up until now I've not known what.

But I am going to get to grips with my small holding, this year I have some big plans, and money letting us, I WILL strike out and do the changes I am now planning. Anyway, well done to you, keep on going, you ARE inspirational.

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