Hog Hunting and Curing Meat

Hog Hunting and Curing Meat

by Doug
(Southaven, MS, USA)

I grew up on a farm in the summers, with my grandparents. I was always present though for hog killing, dressing, & curing!

My Dad was a butcher. He started me cutting meat at 7. By the time I was a Senior in High School I had all the skills of a master journeyman cutter (never have liked the terminology of butcher, for what it implies).

However, I am now glad that I have those skills, as this coming fall, friends, family & I are going Wild Hog Hunting(not my first, but it has been many years). Because of increased shipping cost, for everything, meat is becoming too expensive to buy, and it does not keep as long as I would like!

Where I am from (Calhoun County, MS), it is known as the "Sweet Potato Capital of the world." Wild Hogs are a major nuisance in the area. There is no season, as well as no limit. They cause a lot of damage, & farmers are always ready for any one to come and kill all they want! Fall & winter of course, is best for hunting these beast, as they have little foliage to hide in. You can be attacked by them especially if you surprise one. Make no mistake, they are a dangerous animal to hunt.

We are country folk and love Salt Cured Country Ham, so I am anxious to get some female boars(did not know that little fact){Sows}, to cure my own country ham! We also like Sugar cured hams.

I also am looking forward to making my own whole hog sausage(daughter is a chef, and I know she has some good recipes).

Thanks for the tips, and they will be used!


You are most welcome, Doug. Happy hog hunting and may you come back with enough meat to fill your freezer and your smoker!


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