How do you stop a pond from freezing over?

How do you stop a pond from freezing over?

by Doogie

My pond freezes over each year from late November to March. I would love to raise Pekin or Aylesbury honkers, but how can I keep my pond open or employ an alternative? Go Bills.

It really depends on big your pond is. There are a number of things you can do to prevent a pond from freezing over in the winter. If your pond is fairly small, you can use the following:

1. You can use either a pond or tank heater. There are 2 types; either ones that float on the top and there are others that sink. Both work in the same way, so it is just a matter of preference.

2. Another way of preventing freezing ponds is to try and keep the water moving as much as possible. Using a small pump, with an air stone, will help, especially if your winters don't drop further than - 10 F. However, if the pond is large, and you have a very cold winter, the pond will freeze around the edges, but there will be a part of it which should remain open.

3. If you float small plastic balls on the surface, this can also help prevent freezing over.

4. A more expensive method, is to use a stock tank de-icer. However, again this is more for keeping a section of the water free from ice.

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