How hard is it to milk a cow?

How hard is it to milk a cow?


I was just wondering about milking cows. Is it hard to milk a cow because my aunt lives near some farms and they are a lot of farms where she lives and she lives in Wisconsin, and she's very sweet, yeah. So I was wondering if it was hard to milk a cow or not, because I have never done it before. So it sounds interesting if you think about it.

Learning how to milk a cow is no more difficult than learning how to ride a bicycle. Milking cows by hand is easy once you have learned the technique of how to hold the teat, where to hold the teat and where and how to squeeze down.

It is one of those things that you cannot learn by reading, but really by doing. The next time you are out and about visiting your aunt I suggest you visit one of those dairy farms and give it a go!

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