How to keep Japanese beetles away

How to keep Japanese beetles away

by Albert

My dog has improved life on my little farm but has altered our Eco system. Guinea fowl and chickens no longer graze for grubs and larvae in the large yard where I have two beautiful rose bushes

We now have Japanese beetles and mosquitoes - and no roses - for the first time. Our German Shepherd no longer attacks the yard birds but instinctively they stay away.

Keeping Brigitte indoors during the day is not an option. Ideas welcome (I see no natural insecticide for beetles in this article.)



As having owned an East European Shepherd and a German Shepherd at the same time I hear your pain. Not only did they get to the odd chicken from time to time, no stray cat was safe either!

Of course guinea fowl would be your first bet to getting rid of Japanese Beetles, but with your German Shepherd around it sounds as if your guinea fowl family have wisely sought safer territory.

I suggest you treat your plants with neem to get rid of Japanese Beetles. Neem is one of the best natural pesticides around, and has a multitude of uses.

I have written an article on neem and you can find it here.

You can cedar oil to deter Japanese beetles if you cannot get hold of neem. You can buy cedar oil commercially or you can make your own.

Cut up a couple of pieces of untreated red cedar planks small enough to fit into a bucket of boiling water. Soak wood for 48 hours. Use undiluted on the plants.

Good luck!

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