I admire the Amish

I admire the Amish

I have been reading about your ways for a long time, even though I'm not Amish I find you culture to be very peaceful and friendly. Thank you for opening my mind

Thank you.

Belinda (Australia)


Hi Belinda,

Thank you for your posting. We are not Amish, but like you admire their way of life and culture.

I look at the world sometimes as it is now, and think what a mess it all is. I honestly believe that a lot of the problems we have today have come about as a result of the industrial revolution. Some hail it as a great period of advancement, but I am not so sure.

The Amish have survived just fine living a simple life without technology and lead a life almost identical to those who lived pre-Industrial Revolution.

Have we really advanced? Mmmmm ... Debatable!

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