i have a bantam that lays as she roosts!

i have a bantam that lays as she roosts!


I have a bantam that roosts in a tree at night. on five occasions I have found a smashed egg underneath on the floor. Is this normal?


Hi Marilyn

Chickens that lay during the night is quite normal behavior for chickens or bantams that are new layers.

Night laying for chickens is perfectly normal behavior and will happen a few times before the chicken's system stabilizes and she gets used to using a nesting box.

I would, however, try and get her out of the tree and into a chicken coop at night. It really isn't safe for her to roost in the tree at night and for sure some predator will get her before she has time to lay many more eggs!

What you do need to make sure of is that when you see the smashed eggs you get in there quickly and clean up all the eggshells and contents. If you don't do this, this will result in the chickens actually eating their own eggs, which is not what you want.

Of course you can take the shell, cook it in the microwave on high for a couple of minutes and then grind it into small pieces and feed it back to the chickens when cold.

Eggshells are an excellent source of calcium for your chickens and preparing the eggshells this way does not entice the chickens to eat their eggs.

We hope that you won't have too many more smashed eggs and night laying in the near future.

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Jun 09, 2012
Bantam roosting
by: John W.

I agree you should get your hen in a coop and maybe leave her there for a few days until she gets used to using a nest box. This will also train her to return to the coop at night.

The shells and eggs laid from the tree should also be cleaned from to discourage predators from finding them and your chickens as well.

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