Is Broccoli a Perennial or an Annual?

Is Broccoli a Perennial or an Annual?

Do broccoli plants grow from spring through fall/early winter or do you have to pull them up in July/August and plant new ones?

Broccoli is seen as a biennial. As a result, the broccoli plant grows in the first year and then flowers the second year. It is the flowers that make up the broccoli that we know and eat.

Once the broccoli plant has flowered and been harvested, then one usually pulls up the plants and starts again.

Having said that, there are some people who do keep their brassicas going year after year, and there is a variety of broccoli called "Purple Cape" that people have had a lot of success with as a perennial, among others.

In order to be successful in growing brassicas as a perennial you need to ready prepare the soil well. Brassicas are heavy feeders and if you are going to grow the same plants in the soil for a while you will only be successful if you have good soil.

All I can advise is that you spend some time experimenting with strains that will do well in your area under your climatic conditions.

If you find that your broccoli goes woody and is looking sick then you will have no alternative but to dig it in and start afresh.

I personally don't bother with growing broccoli as a perennial. After the 12 months are up I dig them in and plant again, but I am sure that there are other readers out there who may have had success in keeping them for longer in the ground. Hopefully we may hear from a couple of them to tell us about their experiences in growing broccoli.

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