Life long facination with the Amish life.

Life long facination with the Amish life.

I have had a long facination with the Amish life and I am so interested in the Amish.

I read books and try to visit the Ohio sect whenever I return to my home state. I have visited the Amish at Kinton, Millersberg, and Berlin.

I do not know why I am so facinated by the life style! It gives me a quiet and comfortable feeling.

Winnie Daniels
Yamhill, Oregon

Winnie, I think that a lot of the time outsiders like us look upon the Amish lives and envy their simple lifestyles where ours are so busy and frantic and we long for that life that our ancestors enjoyed years ago.

However, I think too we are often in danger of romanticizing the Amish lifestyle and seeing it as a uptopia, whereas in reality, for most, Amish lives are just as busy but coupled too with hardships and a lot of physical labor.

If we were given the opportunity of an Amish life many of us would only last a few weeks before heading back to our lives of modern technology and creature comforts that we take for granted.

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Jan 16, 2013
"The Amish Life"
by: Anonymous

The Amish life is one with everything you need. It's just that we have been so used to having things we don't need !

There are chemicals in almost everything we eat.
Having your own farm to grow everything you need to eat is very satisfying.

Most habits take 21 days to break so buy land now. You will be glad you did!

Start Living "The Real Good Life"!
Edward Wayne Wilkins JR.

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