melt-and-pour soap problem with oil separation

melt-and-pour soap problem with oil separation

When making my melt and pour soap, the recipe will call for some kind of oil to be added, either olive oil or coconut oil. No matter how long I mix the two, when the soap hardens, the oil separates. what am I doing wrong?

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Jan 22, 2010
Adding Oil to Melt and Pour Soaps
by: Anonymous

I stand to correction. This came from one of our readers. Perhaps others of you can add to the debate.

You can add oil to a melt and pour base.
Although it will reduce the lather alot.
Your melt & pour base needs to be hotter to accept the oil. The melt & pour will loose its transparency a little bit also.


Nov 27, 2009
Oil Separation with Melt and Pour Soaps
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

In short, you cannot add oil to melt-and-pour soap bases.

When you buy your melt-and-pour soap bases they already have the necessary oils in the base that you need for your soap making. The only additional ingredients you could add would be things like your essential oils for perfume, colourants, oatmeal etc.

If you add any extra oils to these bases you are asking for disaster. With the addition of more oil you now have too much oil which is causing your problem.

Never add any extra oil, and always check with your supplier if you insist on doing so, but at best, you could only add 1% oil to your base, and never any more.

I hope this has answered your problem.

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