My Dad caponized a 1000 a day

My Dad caponized a 1000 a day

by Laura Mae
(Possum Kingdom,SC)

We had a family business for 25 years caponizing chickens.

Rhodes Started Capons. One person put the chick on a board so that it was stretched out, while the other did the caponizing.

I was done at two weeks and we sold them at four weeks.

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May 03, 2013
Caponizing? Yes, he really did!
by: Linda (Rhodes) Berol

I helped my dad caponize our chickens. For many long boring hours, I would sit there in the dusty noisy chicken house at one side of the table while my Dad sat at the other side of the table with his surgical tools.

Sometimes we talked and sometimes we were quiet.

Once in awhile a chicken had a problem like extra bleeding to break up the monotony.


Thank you Linda for your contribution. Your last comment made me smile.

It is amazing what we remember as adults of the past and what we found amusing.

My mother, when she was still alive, used to love telling the story of how she and her sister used to sit on the back step watching a headless chicken run around and around after it had been killed by their grandmother for the pot.

Apparently it was the highlight of their week and would laugh themselves silly at the poor, headless chicken.

Unfortunately, these days, in our politically correct, and overprotective world people would see that and book them into to see the nearest psychologist!

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