Old chook has a fat bottom

Old chook has a fat bottom

by Deanne

Our old girl Lottie hasn't laid since April and since has developed a dirty vent. I wash her regularly and have clipped the area. Her bottom seems very full and she does appear to walk with her legs wide. Over the last day her comb has changed from red to bluish. She is still active and ranging but not drinking much. I have wormed her, given her yoghurt and brewers yeast but she still has a very full bottom. What could be the problem?

Deanne you don't say how old your chook is but old age could be playing a factor here, and it is also difficult to make a judgement without any pictures.

Have you checked her vent? Could she be egg-bound?

I don't like the fact that her comb is turning purple as this indicates that she is not getting enough oxygen to her system. Her comb wouldn't change like this if she were just egg-bound which makes me think that it is more serious.

It sounds as if she has ascites which is fairly common in elderly hens.

Check and see if the swelling that you are talking about is as a result of a lot of fluid collecting around her bottom that is enlarging it.

If this is the case then I suggest you get a syringe and drain the fluid off. What will drain off will be a lot of yellowish fluid.

This will provide instant relief and she should be feeling much better in due course.

If none of the above fits your chook I suggest you take her off to the local vet.


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