Old man Fred's Moonshine Recipe

Old man Fred's Moonshine Recipe

by Carl Miller

Take 50# bag of untreated scratch feed. Put into a 55 gallon container, fill with good water. Set in the sun for about 2 weeks, after the foaming add 20# sugar and wait till the bubbling stops.

Drain off the liquid, filter, then put into the still. Refill the 55 gallon container up to 3 times.

Makes great shine! An old man is dead now - but lives on in his recipe.

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Apr 04, 2013
nothing in this moonshine recipe
by: Anonymous

There is nothing in this moonshine recipe that will convert the corn meal starches to sugars.

You would only be getting a very small amount of ethanol from the sugar.

This is not old school at all!

Dec 26, 2011
Lacto Fermentation.
by: Anonymous

By setting the barrel in the sun, or anywhere warm for 2 weeks will probably "sour" the corn like a sour dough starter. After 2 weeks of souring, the liquid in the barrel will have collected wild yeast and is ready to convert the sugar. The souring process is very common in a lot of American distilleries like bourbon and Tennessee whiskey.

The usual method of souring the beer is fermenting the first batch with yeast or malt, and after distillation, returning about 25% of the fermenter volume with "backset" (spent distilled beer left in the still.) Backset is very acidic and will make the corn sour and should be at its best after the 3rd or 4th generation of fermenting with 20-25% backset. Adding over 25% will make the beer too acidic and probably stall your fermentation.

Apr 28, 2011
Clarification please on Moonshine Recipe
by: Anonymous

1) no yeast? how much? when?
2) uncovered/cloth cover?
3) stir occasionally?
4) for the following batches add sugar and yeast?
5) ideal pH?


Jan 27, 2011
like more info please
by: mike

hi i like to know so u let it sit for 2 weeks before adding sugar or wait till foamin is gone like what 20 min or something? and u dont need yeast? and i can get scratch feed from the co op is that considered untreated? and would cracked corn feed work too?

Jan 21, 2011
Drank Fred's Shine
by: Paul

I think I might have drank some of Fred's shine if it is the same Fred about 50 miles from Somerset, Ky. Email me and let me know. Thanks, Paul pablodiablo36@yahoo.com..

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