Our Apple Pie Moonshine

Our Apple Pie Moonshine

by PieGuy

Me and a buddy of mine were drinking quite heavily one night when we had a breakthrough ( as most people do about 15 beers deep) what if we were to start making our own booze. Well after not too much thought at all we decided to start making apple pie moonshine.

We both already had recipes for it, mine being higher alcohol content and his being on the sweet side.

After playing around with it and giving a bunch of it away to our friends we finally hit pay dirt..

One particular recipe caught the attention of not only our hard drinking male friends but the broads of the group started loving the stuff..to the point where we were planning on changing the name of our concoction to panty dropper.

It has been a long road and we are actually in talks with a local liquor company to market and sell our stuff. But recently over a couple bottles of our Pie Moonshine we got to thinking again.

What if we stopped using grain alcohol and built our own still. That is where we are now. Our plan is to ferment and distill apples and cinnamon to create a kind of hybrid apple liquor to put into our apple pie mixture in essence creating a true apple pie moonshine.

I will keep you updated as we perfect our process.

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Nov 02, 2015
It's not Apple Pie Moonshine if...
by: noshineroundhere

It's not Apple Pie Moonshine if you don't use Moonshine... " Well, where does one get "Moonshine" if there's no where to get Moonshine from? If you buy it in a store, it sure as hell ain't Moonshine either.

To me, anything distilled and sold to a store for legal sale is NOT shine. Not at all! So if it is, then I'll use Ever Clear, I'll add it to the apples out in my yard, at 2 am, during a full moon and it will then be "Moonshine" just like that store bought trash... lol

Dec 20, 2014
Too sweet and Too strong
by: Anonymous

Used 2 cans of concentrate, 1 cup brown sugar, 4 cinnamon sticks, a bit of lemon zest. Simmered for an hour, chilled it and then added a quart of Everclear. Straight up gasoline. Sweet, gasoline.

Use 1/2 of the shine/clear and it might be drinkable.

Dec 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

good stuff.

Oct 27, 2013
Apple Pie Shine
by: Anonymous

Not to mess with something called creek water, but around here (NC foot hills) we all make apple pie shine with apple cider...nice and smooth.

Dec 27, 2012
Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe
by: S.C.Shiner

"Apple Pie" is an old timer's recipe. There's also a recipe out there for the creek water version of it. I've heard it called "Cinnamon Grit". Sure, there's tons of names though. Got the same concept you're talking about.

Not to burst your bubble, just saying if you want the recipe, it's already out there.

I don't think it's right to sell it on the corporate level, considering it's not your original ideal or recipe. Seems more like a sell out when you do that.

Just make it, drink it, and enjoy it! Again, just my opinion, take it with a grain a salt.
Here is the recipe for apple pie moonshine:

1 quart of 120 proof, pure corn whiskey moonshine (Everclear could be used as a substitute - but that ain't moonshine!)
1-2 cans of frozen apple concentrate*
2-4 cinnamon sticks*
1-2 cups brown sugar*

*Depending on how sweet you want it to be, you may add up to twice as much of these particular items (in other words, 2 cans of concentrate and 2 cups of sugar instead of 1).

Directions (assuming that your shine is stored in quart jars):First, add the apple concentrate, cinnamon sticks and brown sugar to a pot. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 60 minutes. Stir a few times as it is heating up to dissolve the sugar. Note, you could simmer for only 20 minutes, but you'd want to leave the jar sit for a couple of weeks before drinking to allow it to season. Heating it longer in the pot (60 minutes) will cause the cinnamon sticks to release their flavor very quickly, allowing you to be able to drink it immediately. I like to call this the "instant satisfaction" method.

After simmering, remove the pot from heat and let it cool. Make sure it is completely cool, and none of the burners on the stove are on before moving on to the next step.After the mixture has cooled, add 2 pint jars (or one quart jar) to the mixture and stir it up a bit. Remember, 100+ proof moonshine is flammable. You do not want to do this anywhere near a heat source.

If you simmered the juice, cinnamon, and sugar for 60 minutes, you're good to go and you can drink it immediately. If you only simmered for 20 minutes you're going to need to wait a couple of weeks to drink. If you're like me, and you're impatient, you should just simmer for 60 minutes so you can start enjoying the fruits of your labor immediately.

Beware, this apple pie moonshine recipe is high proof! But so good!

Source: www.clawhammersupply.com

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