Pigs eating Nettles

Pigs eating Nettles

by heather kyle

While looking on Google for something that will help a pigs coat and skin look fresh and bloomy, I saw this blog and thought i would ask you what would be the benefit of feeding a pig( which are a lot like us) stinging nettle? Thanks Heather


Heather, on our page regarding the stinging nettle mention that pigs won't touch stinging nettles, but we didn't qualify that there are some breeds of pigs that will, just not all breeds of pigs.

Having said that, if the nettles are boiled or dried, all breeds of pigs will eat nettles.

If stinging nettles are cut and dried and then fed to horses, cows and pigs they will all eat it quite happily in that way. And most know by know that nettles are well-loved by poultry, leading to increased weight and egg-production.

Studies have shown that cows on nettle will have an increase in their milk production. If nettle is added to the feed constituting 10% nettles have been found to stabilize ruminal pH; a vital factor in preserving a healthy fermentation.

Horses will have a lovely shine to their coats, and those horses who become thin and have digestive troubles will pick up weight and improve their condition when they eat dried nettles as fodder.

Pigs when fed dried stinging nettles or boiled nettles their weight increased and their general condition improved.

The stinging nettle is the richest source of chlorophyll in the plant kingdom and rich in minerals such as iron, lime, sodium, chlorine and proteins. Nettle also contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, selenium and Vitamin B. Nettle is also an excellent blood purifier and general tonic for your livestock.

As long as the sting is removed by either boiling or drying, nettles become palatable to livestock. Nettle seeds and roots also have de-worming properties.

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