Rabbits and Predators from Above

Rabbits and Predators from Above

I loved the rabbit information you provided.

I am in the process of locating standard Rex's and then I will be off and running. In the meantime I intend to emulate your set up.

My question is, how do you protect against hawks and other flying predators? You don't seem to have aviary netting on the top of your pastures. I know there is at least one hawk that regularly visits my backyard so I'm expecting some problems.

Some people are lucky enough to live in areas where there are no threats to their rabbits with regards to predatory birds. And then of course, there are those who are not so lucky.

Placing anti-bird netting on top of the rabbit enclosures is the easiest and cheapest way of protection your rabbits from hawks and the like.

Good luck with your rabbit raising efforts!

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