Remus Farms

Remus Farms

by Diana Brew
(Downs, Ks. USA)

All in a days work.

All in a days work.

This is a picture of my nephew-in-law Jared Remus taking in the newborn calves this season. It was in the middle of the 2nd worst snowstorm in Kansas.

The calf he is carrying is actually one of his Uncles, Kelsey Remus who was in the hospital at the time that the calves started to drop.

Unfortunately for Jared and his family, it was during the storm and they did lose some, but most were saved by him and his sister Misty and his Dad, Perry and a great friend Josea Harris.

This picture is a perfect representation of the Farmer. This picture of Jared shows that regardless of the season, the Farmer is out there doing whatever it takes.

Farming may be in line with the seasons, but many a time one has to be out and about in all sorts of weather just to make sure that all is well. And this photo shows just that!

Thank you so much for sharing!

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