Reusing Mash for Moonshine

Reusing Mash for Moonshine

by freddie
(aiken soutn carolina )

What do you mean by running your mash again an again how does that work is there mash left in the pot or do you rerun the shine?

In order to reuse your mash this is how it works.

You will use your old corn and yeast already present from the previous run, which should also still contain a good lot of beer still left behind.

If you started off with a recipe that made up a beer of 5 gallons, take 1 1/4 gallons of backset from your previous run and mix it will 7 pounds of sugar, making sure that it has dissolved completely.

Allow it to cool down before adding it back into the fermenter, because if you do, the high heat will kill the yeast that is still present in the beer from the previous time. There is no need to add any more yeast.

Add the cooled backset and sugar mixture back into your fermenter, adding enough water to the mixture so that you are back to 5 gallons.

Remove any corn that is floating on the top as these are spent and no good for you.

Cover her up and leave her for 3-4 days until your mixture has finished fermenting. Now you can run the mash again.

First of all you need to make sure that the shine you are getting out of your mash is good stuff. And the only way you will know this correctly is by using a hygrometer.

As the shine comes out of the worm you will have placed some sort of container at the end to catch the distilled liquid. Place your hygrometer on top of the shine as it comes out. Remember to throw away the first lot of shine as it comes through.

The hygrometer will start to float once your container is more than half full, and it will indicate whether your shine is good or poor. If you get a high reading it means that the shine is first class. A low reading, means the opposite.

From time to time you will need to test to see if the shine will give off a blue flame. If you get a blue flame it means that you have a good, high alcohol level for your shine.

Throw a teaspoon of shine onto an open fire and if it burns blue then it is still good.However, if your flame is yellow than it means that somewhere in the process your shine has become tainted. You won't be able to use it.

When the levels of the hygrometer start to drop remove the container, replacing it quickly with a second container. You will now be catching moonshine that would be considered second grade.

The first lot of moonshine that you have will be 1st grade shine and this doesn't not need any more distilling.

The second lot of shine will be 2nd grade shine.

Keep throwing a teaspoon of shine onto the open fire from time to time, until there is no blue flame, and the fire hisses as if what you are using is water. Remove the container immediately and stop distilling.

Repeat the process up to 8 times, maximum. Then clean out the fermenter and start again with new sugar, corn, yeast, malt and water.

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