Rich Moisturizing Cream to make at Home

Rich Moisturizing Cream to make at Home

This is a rich moisturizing cream that you can easily make at home.

2 t beeswax (melt a beeswax candle if necessary)
2 t lanolin
4 t almond oil
1 t wheatgerm oil
1/2 t Vitamin E oil (4 capsules)
2 drops lavender essential oil
pinch of borax (as a preservative)
2 t boiling water

Melt the beeswax and almond oil together over a very gentle heat. Add the lanolin. Remove from heat.

Stir the borax into the boiling water, and then add that to the lanolin and almond mixture.

Add the rest of the ingredients and beat well. Place in a glass jar.

Keep in a cool, dark place. It should keep for about a year.

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