Rural Living and Fun Family Holiday Ideas

Rural living for fun activities! Ideas for your next family holiday in the country. What can a farm holiday offer you?

Even though we appear to live in a crowded part of the world, the UK has countryside galore. Most people live in the larger towns and cities but, within a short distance, there is always lovely countryside to escape to. Fortunately much of it is as idyllic and beautiful as it was centuries ago. It is not difficult to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living to find yourself a spot away from it all.

Many people have chosen to move from cities and towns to live in the countryside to enjoy rural living such as organic farming. Country living can mean home grown food, fresh air, the sound of birds, rolling hills and an unhurried world away from city life. Of course there is a lot of hard work involved with this type of living. But ask those who are doing it and most of them will say that the rewards are immense. After a day in the countryside most people sleep more soundly which is a huge health benefit.

However you don't have to live in the countryside to enjoy the rural living activities of what it has to offer. It's certain that just a few miles from any city or large town in the UK there will be a business offering country activities of all kinds for everyone to enjoy. As an escape from the fast pace of everyday life activity weekends are becoming ever more popular.

Many people, especially if they have children, love to visit a working farm. This is an ideal family holiday. Here, visitors will be shown how a real farm works. Rural living at its best!

Children will love seeing cows or goats being milked and may even be able to collect eggs from the chickens. Most farms that allow visitors will have a pet's corner with smaller animals such as goats or guinea pigs that can be handled by children.

rural living

Rural Living means visiting wonderful Wine Estates like this one in the Yarrah Valley, Australia. (Not the UK!)

It doesn't all have to be about farm events though. There are plenty of other outdoor activities on offer. Some family holiday ideas for the young and not so young are hiking, cycling, horse riding and clay pigeon shooting. Fishing weekends are popular too with well stocked lakes and rivers throughout the land just waiting for keen anglers.

Some establishments such as rural hotels offer weekend courses in country crafts such as flower arranging or cake decorating. Photography courses, painting holidays and cookery classes may be offered too.

And finally don't forget to visit the wine estates or apple cider producing farms.

Whatever your interest there's sure to be a country activity that you can enjoy whatever the time of year. So come and get your slice of rural living now!

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