Saponification numbers

Saponification numbers

Why are your saponification numbers different than what I see on some other web sites?

For example at Certified Lye they list Canola as .1328 and you have it listed as .1240

There are other oils in the list that also do not match.

How do I know which number is the correct number?

Thanks for your reply.

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Nov 24, 2010
Saponification Chart and Numbers
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns about the saponification chart.

As it says on the web page, the saponfication chart isn't ours but came from Elaine C. White, a specialized soap maker of many years standing, and someone who is well-respected within her field. She first started publishing her books on soapmaking back in the 90s.

Her Complete Saponification Chart that you see came from one of these books and can also be seen on the Internet here Saponification Chart

You will also see in her saponification chart that she gives two sets of numbers so that if you wish, you can make a milder soap. Therefore, don't get too hung-up on numbers, as saponification numbers are not set in concrete.

Can I also say too, that sometimes you will come across information on the Internet that has been copied again, and again and again by website developers, and the information has neither been verified nor does it come from a reliable source, and the same rubbish gets uplifted over and over again.

So, when you say that you see other websites with other saponification charts that differ, you need to know what their source is, or whether they have just copied it from someone else. I am not saying that their information is wrong, but what I am saying is always make sure that if you are questioning something, make sure that it comes from a reliable source.

Finally, things change, processes evolve and improve. Perhaps the websites that you mention may have come up with a different set of numbers as the calculations have been refined and found that these work better.

I don't claim to be a soapmaking expert. I make soap for fun and self-satisfaction and because I enjoy it. I just enjoy experimenting with the different ingredients and perfumes. But even for me, the saponification table is WAY too technical, but I included it for people like you who are more technical in their approach to making homemade soap.

I hope that has gone some way to answer your concerns and wishing you well with you soap making in the future.

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