so excited to find your site

so excited to find your site

by Lisa Maire
(Newington ct)

Love your site will be here daily - do you have an email signup? or FB page?

Hi Lisa Marie,

So pleased to hear that you like the site. At the moment we are trying hard to market the website through social media, but it takes a lot more hours than I have at the moment, so progress is slow.

We have an RSS button which will give you the latest updates of the site.

We also have a Twitter account Countryfarm. Any new updates from the website goes straight to Twitter, so again, a great way of staying in touch with any new articles that get posted to the site.

I have added a Facebook comments page to most of the pages, and also a like button. Feel free to use this and share this site with any of your friends who might benefit from knowing about us.

I have a Facebook Group for Countryfarm Lifestyles and you can find it here: Countryfarm Facebook Group Anyone who would like to join can do so via the group page.

If there are any other social networks that people have found useful let us know.

Welcome to the community for our website, and I do hope that you will also make some of your own contributions in the future!

Countryfarm Lifestyles.

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