Square Foot Gardening is a Great Way of Gardening!

Square Foot Gardening is a Great Way of Gardening!

by Franz


As for the square foot gardening, all I have to say is that it's a great system.

I tried gardening for many years but desisted do to weeds, cats digging out my seedlings etc. Then I discovered Square Foot Gardening and everything changed. In one afternoon my husband and I built 4 frames and then we filled them with Mel's mix.

Plants grow remarkably well and I am talking about a range from sunflowers to radish, sweet corn and all sort of fancy stuff.

I am full of praise for the square foot gardening method - it's a psychological thing. You got there and think, "Well, it's only 4 frames" and in a few minutes they are all taken care of. As a person who just can't lift a heavy spade or dig, and hates weeding non
stop, this system of gardening has been a blessing.

The only thing we changed after the first year is the use of peat moss, as peat is not be be wasted, so we used another type of compost. It worked just fine.

I still use my frames and other systems all together and to my amazement, the best produce is always in the Square Foot Gardening boxes.

So, yes, I recommend the system to all!

Many greetings and happy new year!


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