Sunday Comics for Kite Making

Sunday Comics for Kite Making

When I was a child, we used dowels, kitchen string and the Sunday comics. We also used Dad's old t-shirts for the bows on the tail.

Every spring, the local paper gave directions on making a kite on the first Sunday. Other ideas were shared monthly or seasonally.

Ah, those where the days! Like you, I too have found memories of kite-making from odds and bobs around the house.

We never used the Sunday comics, though! It was either the newspaper or brown paper that we then per-decorated with crayons or water color paints and drew the most fearsome faces we could come up with on the kite.

Although we sometimes used doweling for the frames, we often just cut off some straight twigs from one of the trees in the garden and lashed them together with either wool or string.

Our kite tails were made with mum's off-cuts from her sewing box, and sometimes we got into trouble because what we thought were off-cuts were scraps that she had been saving for some other sewing project or other!

It just show you that not long ago, when kids were kids, and used their creative imagination to build their own toys for amusement, that you could have a lot of fun in making something out of nothing.

Too bad that this generation doesn't see the value of the same opportunities as readily as we did. I am really glad that I had a childhood that was pre-computers and the Internet!

Thanks for the memories!

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