Taking Seaweed from the Beach

Taking Seaweed from the Beach

by herbie

I'm very fortunate where I live. There are lovely views, beaches, good fishing etc. It's great when we've had a bit of stormy weather when I can go down to the seashore and gather as much seaweed as I want which is excellent for my potatoes and beetroot.

Herbie, you are very lucky to be able to gather free seaweed from the coastal areas in region. There are some parts of the UK where gathering seaweed from the coast is actually illegal until you get council approval. Just thought I would throw that in there for others who might think that seaweed is a free source of very good manure for the taking.

Seaweed in general is not just good for potatoes and beetroots but for a number of crops, including adding to your compost heap or digging directly into the soil at a rate of 5-10 kilos per square meter.

Some people prefer to leave the seaweed out in the rain to get rid of the salt, however, you don't have to worry about the salt content when using it.

Seaweed does smell as it rots, so far better to dig it into the soil or into the compost heap than to let it lying around.

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P.S. Philip, my husband objects to your Manchester United badge as he is a fierce Chelsea Supporter. :)

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