Thank you from a novice rose grower

Thank you from a novice rose grower

by Opal
(Charlottesville, Virginia)

I have always loved roses of every kind. I was never brave enough to try to start growing my own, until I came upon your site.

With a little luck, a lot of studying, and prayer, I am going to take my first clipping in just a moment. Wish me luck...

Growing roses is not as difficult as growing other flowers - like orchards for example. My mother used to grow the most amazing orchards during her life, however, I have to say that we were never that fortunate.

Roses, on the other hand, will survive the most amazing abuse, and come back blooming after being pruned and loved after a short time.

Roses will reward you with beautiful blooms if you water them regularly - they like lots of water especially if you have sandy soil.

Roses are one of the few plants that do well in clay soils because of the moisture content although won't do well in boggy soil. They also love to receive a weekly foliage feed - seaweed is great, as well as blood and bone around the roots at initial planting time. Roses need at least 6 hours of sun a day.

Dead-head the rose blooms as they finish, and don't forget to prune your rose bushes in winter to get the plant ready for your new flush of flowers. After you prune your roses feed with well-rotted cow manure and a handful of blood and bone. Lightly dig into the top inches of soil.

We do indeed wish you well with your new venture into growing roses. Once you start you will wonder what you have been worried about!

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