The Amish and Their Truth

The Amish and Their Truth

by donise

I had never heard of the Amish, and never heard of the homestead people. I only knew bits and pieces of Indians and cowboys,and then nothing else. Until I gave my life to God, OCT 2,2008. And now it is 11:08 am Monday, March 11th 2013. and I am just learning more of the Amish and homesteaders and my roots.

I have been disconnected from my roots of my true families. My father's side was from Germany and on my mother's side her parents and their parents, so far as I know, they were from Wales. I do not know anything else. My mother's mother, my grandmother, her mom, I do have a picture of her working on the farm, and she had a long dress on. I do not know anything about her life, only that she braided rugs and sold them.

I have one rug in my kitchen, right now that she made out of old coats, that she cut into strings to braid by hand. I do not know where her parents came from, maybe Wales, or maybe they traveled there, I don't know.

Now, since I have been reading about the Amish and the homestead people, I have grown very interested in the Amish ways and I agree with all their doings.

I have looked in the bible, for what they do and say, with their life style is true, it is right in the bible; I looked for it. I found the truth.

If God has his plan for me, to find out who I really am and where I really belong, I will follow him to a easy life as I will be much more happier to leave the world of lies, and I have realized now, I know, they are my missing pieces of my life that I always knew I belonged some where, but where.

And GOD WANTED ME TO FIND MY ROOTS... I am so happy, roots are, if I could just be AMISH... I WILL.. but, I was told by one Amish man, he does not know..if i can be one with them....How would I ever find the rest of my families. They must have been Amish, because they were German, and from Wales, they were Welsh. And who knows where else, but I am a child of God and this should count for something.

This summer, I will be changing my clothes. I will be wearing plain dresses and a bonnet and my dream is to live on a farm, and work in my garden,and read my father's word the truth, and live happy ever after.

Thank you for listening, love always Donise in Jesus name, Amen.

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